Directory importing and exporting

Sometimes you may need to clone the entire directory, for example, to test your workflows locally without deploying them to a test environment. The Flower management tool provides functions to take a snapshot of a directory instance and then apply it to another instance.

You can get snapshots in form of a file system bundle or a single file.

/* Exports the current directory to '.\MyDirectory'. */
exportToFileSystem('MyDirectory', DET_ALL);

/* Exports the current directory to '.\MyDirectory.far' (a single file). */
exportToArchive('MyDirectory.far', DET_ALL);

The functions accept flags indicating which types of the entries are to be exported. Cloning a heavily used environment you may wish to exclude the messages, processes and their states from export and export only assemblies, service containers, workflows and sets. Then you need to execute the export with the following flags:


Having an exported directory bundle or Flower archive (far), you can import it to another directory.

First, configure your management tool to connect to another directory instance. Then, execute the following:

/* Imports the directory from a bundle. */

/* Imports the directory from a Flower archive. */

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