Assemblies importing

To install workflows, helpers and services, you need to import assemblies containing them into the directory. This can be done by using 'importAssemblies' function.


The argument of the function is an array of DLL paths (not assembly names). The function loads the specified assembly images into the directory by creating corresponding directory entries. The entries have the paths '/Assemblies/<assembly name>/<assembly version>'. For example, an assembly 'MyAssembly.dll' version will become '/Assemblies/MyAssembly/'.

During the import, the tool analyzes dependencies of the assemblies. You will be warned if an assembly refers another assembly which is not in the list of assemblies to import and doesn't already exist in the directory. If you don't import the required dependencies, processors will not be able to load the assembly.

The importing works transactionally, so, if it fails, none of the specified assemblies are imported.

If an assembly contains workflows, they will be created automatically at the locations either derived from the full names of the types or specified by the Path attribute (see "Developing a first workflow"). If a workflow already exists, it's overwritten only if the version of the assembly being imported is higher than that of the assembly of the current workflow definition type.

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