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What is Flower?

Flower is a platform and an extensible framework for developing reliable asynchronous and autonomous processes in a service oriented enterprise environment.

Simply speaking, Flower is a workflow engine, but unlike such frameworks as Windows Workflow Foundation Flower is not intended to provide non-programers with ability to implement workflows. Flower is developer oriented. It allows to use full power of .NET Framework with no limitations and develop workflows in C# without any additional tools but C# IDE. Flower testing API simplifies test driven development with any testing framework. Moreover, Flower is open and extensible. Almost every component of Flower depends on interfaces of other components, not implementations, therefore any of them can be substituted with a custom implementation or decorated via AOP.

Apart from its primary functionality Flower can also be used as a central enterprise storage of assemblies, services discovery information and application settings.

Core Flower provides an API for developing and testing the processes, interfaces and default implementations of all essential services, the client API for applications to interact with the platform, the management utility and code samples.

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